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1. Use of the Software.

You are authorized to use the Pharma&Cie® on www.pharmaetcie.ca and to view its content. The first functionality of the Pharma&Cie site is to facilitate access to your pharmacist and his team, to provide you with relevant and useful general information about your health, and to facilitate your orders at your pharmacy. Pharma&Cie is not intended to replace the judgment of your pharmacist. You should always rely on the latter for everything related to your health problems and the proper use of your medications.

2. Copyright and Trademarks.

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3. Restrictions.

You are not authorized to modify or change, in any way, Pharma&Cie. Subject to the provisions of applicable law, you must not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble Pharma&Cie or attempt in any way to discover the source code, and the reproduction. Code of the Software or translation of such code is prohibited.

4. Disclaimer of warranty.

Pharma&Cie is provided to you « as is » without warranty of any kind. GBDA does not guarantee the performance or results that you may obtain by using the Pharma&Cie software.

The user of this software releases GBDA, its administrators, employees and shareholders from any responsibility for the content of the site presenting general health information and for the processing of orders that may be sent via the Pharma&Cie site. Under no circumstances will GBDA, its directors, employees and shareholders be liable to you for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of the software or from an inability to use it, regardless of whether you have or not been advised of the possibility of such damages.